The Migrantech project

1. Understand and identify the most relevant skills for the access of migrants and refugees to work and the most sought after by companies and employers;

2. Enable educators and integration professionals to broaden and adapt their knowledge and develop skills that are all springboards to bring their public closer to the labor market;

3. Provide tailor-made e-learning tools and methods to professionals working with migrants and refugees, in order to facilitate their socio-professional inclusion;

4. Address education and training as key elements for the promotion of social cohesion and integration processes;

5. Promote coexistence between host societies and migrant and refugee communities;

6. Combat discrimination against migrants and refugees.

  • Study on the most relevant transversal and digital skills sought by employers and necessary for access to employment;
  • Identification of good online and offline educational and integration practices for adult migrants and refugees, based on NICTs and transversal skills required by companies and employers with a certification tool for acquired skills;
  • Kit of 40 online modules in the form of a training course and seminar for sharing good practices;
  • Design of the e-platform and posting of the 40 e-modules in an interactive approach (objectives, content, evaluation questionnaire.), followed training for e-tutors;
  • Creation of an online learning guide capitalizing on the training path and the terms of use of the platform and 2 infographics.